Our robust set of features adapts to your group's needs

Whether it's simple greetings to inform your users, or tools to help combat spammers, our expansive features help you do it all with ease.

Group Management

Our extensive array of features make keeping on top of your group a breeze

Admin Permissions

Rose will use your group’s existing admin permissions, respecting your group’s admin structure automatically.

Powerful Blacklists

Automatically remove offensive messages from your group. You can even assign per-item punishments based on the severity of the word used, and use wildcard matching.

Log Channels

Keep a running log of what actions your admins are performing with Rose, along with details.

Keyword Replies

Help lighten your admin workload by automatically responding to configured phrases. No more repeating answers to the same old questions!


Save random bits of information for your users to reference later. Users can request note contents at any time by simply asking for the note they want.

Disable Commands

Disable certain commands for non-admin users. Disabled commands can also be automatically deleted to help keep your chat tidy.


Your group’s settings can be configured directly in a private message session to Rose to help keep your group clean from configuration messages.

Approved Users

Allow trusted non-admin users to send any content type, even if the type of content is locked for regular users.


Run multiple chats? Keep seedy individuals out of all of them with a single command

Multi-Group Management

Federations allow you to maintain bans across several groups at once. No more scrambling to ban users from multiple chats!


Some communities make it their mission to battle against Telegram spam and scammers. Subscriptions allow you to subscribe to ban lists curated by other communities.

Independently Administered

Your federation's admins are completely separate from your group's admins, allowing you to ensure only your most trusted staff can ban at this level.

Spam Protection

Powerful tools give you the upper-hand against spammers

Captcha Verification

Present new users with a captcha to verify they’re not a bot. Users remain muted until the captcha is successfully completed.

Antiflood Protection

Users who rapidly send many messages at once can be automatically restricted to prevent attacks.

Content Locking

Block certain types of content from being sent to help keep your chats free of clutter. Users can also be warned to discourage multiple attempts.