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Admin Logging

While it's nice to use Telegram's “recent actions” feature to view recent actions in your group, it's not always easy to use this to keep track of what actions have been done by the bot, and which admin issued them. Not to mention, they're recent, so if you need to check something quite far back, you're out of luck. Thankfully, Rose allows you log the actions of your admins!

Setting Up A Log Channel

There are a several steps you'll need to take to set up a log channel, which are listed below:

  1. The first step is to create a new channel. You can also use a pre-existing channel if you wish. Name the channel anything you want, the name isn't important to Rose.
  • Remember, channels are not the same as groups. You cannot use a group chat as a log channel - it must be an actual channel!
  1. Add Rose to the channel as an admin. You actually don't have a choice in this, as Telegram will present you with a pop-up to advise you that you may only add bots to channels as administrators. Go ahead and do this.
  2. Send the below command to the channel:
  3. You'll get a response from Rose telling you to forward the original /setlog message
  4. As per Rose's instructions, forward this /setlog command to the group chat you wish to be logged.
  5. That's it! Rose will now log admin actions in the channel!

Stop Chat Logging

If at any point you wish to stop logging a group chat, simply issue the below command in the group chat that you no longer want logging to be performed on:


Rose will reply to the chat with a message letting you know that the chat will no longer be logged.

Check Current Log Channel

If you want to check if your group chat is currently being logged, and if so, what the name of the log channel is, you can issue the below command in the group chat: