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Connecting To Chats

Now that you've learned how to get user and group ID's, it's time to start tailoring Rose's setting to your group's needs. While you can use most of Rose's commands directly in your group's chats it's not the most convenient way to do it. Consider this scenario: Your users are chatting, and you want to change the way Rose does something in your group. Now you need to interrupt the conversation to issue some commands to Rose, and she'll reply to these commands as well, clogging up the chat even further.

Thankfully, there's a better way - introducing connections! Connections give you a way to configure the options Rose has available, without filling your group chat with excessive configuration spam. As an added bonus, because the commands aren't issued in the chat, you don't need to worry about your users accidentally spamming the chat with bluetext clicks. When you use the connection feature, you can issue all your configuration commands to Rose in a private message (PM), but she will process them and response just as if you were issuing them from inside your group.

We highly recommend you do all your configuration via this feature whenever possible, to help keep your chat clean, and to prevent curious users from flooding your chat with commands they don't have the access to use.

Connecting To A Group

Connecting Rose to your group is incredibly easy! There are two ways you can do this. Try them out and see which one works best for you!

Connecting Via Private Message

To use this connection method, you'll need the Telegram ID of the group you wish to connect to (refer to the Basic Commands section if you need a refresher). Once you have the group ID, open up a private message session with Rose, and issue the following command:

/connect <group ID>

For example, if your group ID was -43263465, then you'd issue the command like below:

/connect -43263465

Connecting From Within A Chat

To use this method, issue the below command in your group's chat:


Depending on whether you have already started a PM with Rose she will respond in either of these two ways:

  • You'll get a reply in your chat from Rose that contains a link to start a private message session with her
  • If you've already started a PM with her, you'll get a simple notification from her advising your PM session with her has been connected.

Other Connection Commands

Rose also has the following connection commands which are used without arguments. These commands will only work in a PM session with Rose, and will not work in a group chat!

Disconnecting From A Chat

To disconnect your group chat from the PM session


Reconnecting From A Chat

To reconnect the PM session to the most recently disconnected group chat


View Currently Connected Chat

To view what group chat your PM session is currently connected to