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Getting Info

Knowing how to get information is arguably the most important thing you will learn how to do when using Rose. Everything you do with Rose is in some way related to the ID of your group chat or of a specific user. The below sections will show you how you can get this basic - but important - information.

Getting ID's

User ID's

To get the ID of a user, you may issue the below command with the user's username as an argument:

/id <@username>

If you don't know the username of a user, or if they do not have a publicly available username, you can also reply to any of the user's messages and issue the command without any arguments, like shown below:


Group ID's

To get the ID of the group chat you are in, issue the following command in the group's chat:


Getting User Info

Rose can help you get a user's basic information, such as their Telegram ID, first name, and username. You can provide the user's username or ID as an argument, as shown below:

/info <@username or ID>

Just like getting ID's, you can also reply to a user's message and issue the command without any arguments: