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The first thing you'll want to do is set Rose's language. If you have a group chat, and most of your members don't speak English, you might be wondering if Rose can speak your language. Great news, she's fluent in several languages!

Setting Rose's Language

Please be aware that setting Rose's language will only affect how she responds in your group chat. Accessing Rose's help menu via private message, and other related functions, will continue to be in English.

To set Rose's language for your group, issue the below command:


After issuing this command, you'll be presented with a menu and some buttons which will allow you choose the desired language. You can also issue the command with a language argument, like shown below:

/setlang <language code>

Example Scenario

For example, if you wanted to set Rose's language in your group to Russian, you would issue the command like below:

/setlang ru

Available Languages

This list is may be subject to change at any time:

Language Code Language
ar العربية
de Deutsch
en-gb British English
es Español
es-ar Español Argentino
es-co Español Colombiano
es-uy Español Uruguayo
he עברית
id Indonesia
it Italiano
km ខ្មែរ
ml-in മലയാളം
nl Nederlands
pr-br Português
ru Русский
sq Shqip
ta தமிழ்
tr Türkçe