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Pinned Messages

It's pretty easy to pin a message in a group using Telegram's built-in functons, but for many of us, it's easier to just type it.

Pinning Messages

There are three ways to pin a message: standard pins, “loud” pins, and permapins. We will explain them below!

Standard Pins

The first method is if you want to pin a message that's already been sent to the chat. To do this, simply reply to the message with the following command:


Notify Pins (aka “Loud” Pins)

You can also do a “loud” pin. Normally, pinning a message simply pins the message, and acts like a normal message. When doing a “loud” pin, Rose will send a pin notification to all users in your group chat.

To do a “loud” pin, reply to the message with either of the following commands:

/pin loud
/pin notify


If you want to pin a message that doesn't already exist in the chat, you can use the permapin command. With this command, you can type the message you want pinned, and Rose will say it for you and then pin the message. Please be aware that when using this command, it will always be a “loud” pin.

To use the permapin command, simply issue the below command:

/permapin <message>