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Have you ever found it annoying when you need to delete a bunch of messages at once, but then you remember you need to manually select every single one? That's where purges come in. Purges allow you to delete large groups of messages all at once! There a few different ways to purge messages, which we'll cover below.

General Purges

General purges allow you to simply delete every single message that comes after a certain message. So for example, there was a big argument in your chat and you wanted to remove it. Let's say the fight started with a message saying “Telegram sucks, WhatsApp is better”, and you wanted to delete this message, and every message that came after it. To do this, find the message you wish to begin the purge from, and reply to it with the following command:


Rose will then delete all messages until she reaches the message you replied to. She will then delete that message as well and reply with a “Purge complete.” message.

Selective Purges

Selective purges work similarly to regular purges, except that you can specify an amount of messages to purge. What this means, is that when you issue the purge command, and you only want to delete a few messages after the message you replied to, instead of all of them. You can do this by issuing the below command as a reply to the message you wish to start the purge with:

/purge <number>

Example Scenario

Using the argument example we used in General Purges, let's say that we didn't want to remove every single message after the “Telegram sucks” message, but we only wanted to delete that message, and the next 15 messages that came after it. To do this, we'd issue the following command as a reply to the “Telegram sucks” message:

/purge 15

Rose will then delete the message you replied to, and then the next 15 messages which came after it. Once she does this, she will reply with a “Purge complete.” message.

Deleting A Single Message

If for whatever reason, you don't want to delete a single message the normal way with your Telegram client, Rose can help with this as well. To delete a single message, simply reply to the message you want to delete with the following command:


When deleting a single message, Rose will not reply to tell you the message has been deleted. She will simply delete the message, and will also delete the /del command you issued.