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User Reports

What do you do in those situations where you're not actively chatting in your group, and some jerk comes in and starts spamming all over the place? How can your users quickly notify the group's admins? This is where reports come in. Reports let your users quickly and easily notify all of your group's admins that there's some trouble that needs dealing with!

Configuring User Reports

Thankfully, there's not much to configure when it comes to reports. You can either allow your group's user to report offensive messages, or you can not allow them to. That's it.

Enabling User Reports

To enable user reports, simply issue either of the following commands:

/reports on
/reports yes

Disabling User Reports

Disabling user reports is just as easy as enabling them. Simply issue the following:

/reports off
/reports no

Reporting A User

If one of your users needs to report another user for whatever reason, the process is very easy. To report a user, issue either of the below commands as a reply to the offending message:


Rose will then reply with a message stating the admins have been notified. The message tags all of your group's admins as if you mentioned them using “@username”.