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Adding Blacklists

Blacklists can be a powerful tool to help automate moderation in your group, for certain things where no discrection is required. If, for example, your chat has a strict anti-racism policy, then you can use blacklists to automatically take action on users who try to use racial slurs. Perhaps you don't like swearing in your group, or you don't like the word “moist”. The sky's the limit!

Adding A Blacklist Trigger

There are two methods for setting up a blacklist trigger. You can either blacklist a single word, or you can blacklist a particular phrase. Which of these you want to do will depend on exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

Single-Word Blacklist Triggers

Single word blacklist triggers are especially useful when you're trying to blacklist things like profanity and racial slurs, where you simply do not want any form of the word to be present.

Similar to filters, adding a blacklist trigger requires three components: the blacklist command, the trigger word, and the message Rose will reply to the trigger with. You can add a blacklist trigger by issuing the following command:

/addblacklist <word> <reply>

Example Scenario

If you wanted to blacklist the word “stupid” from being used in your chat, and you want Rose to reply with a message saying “Don't say mean things!", you would issue the command as shown below:

/addblacklist stupid Don't say mean things!

Once you do this, any time a user sends a message that contains the word “stupid” anywhere within the message, Rose will delete their message, and depending on the blacklist mode you've set, she will reply to the message with “Don't say mean things!” (learn more about that here).

Multi-Word (Phrase) Blacklist Triggers

While single-word triggers work great, what if you don't want to blacklist just a single word, but a specific phrase? Where this type of blacklist trigger works very well, is when you need more context around a trigger. You might not want the word “suck” to be blacklisted, but you do want the phrase “puppies suck” to be blacklisted.

To add a phrase for your blacklist trigger, replace the single word with a phrase and add quotes around it. You would issue the command like below:

/addblacklist "<phrase>" <reply>

Example Scenario

In this scenario, we want to blacklist the phrase “the admins suck”, and have Rose reply with a message saying “Show the admins some respect!". You would issue the command as follows:

/addblacklist "the admins suck" Show the admins some respect!

This would make it so that Rose would delete any message containing the phrase “the admins suck”, and depending on the blacklist mode you've set, she'll reply to the message with “Show the admins some respect!".

Removing A Blacklist Trigger

Removing a blacklist trigger is incredibly simple.

To remove a blacklist trigger, simply issue either of the following commands:

/unblacklist “<phrase>”

You may also use these commands as well:

/rmblacklist “<phrase>”

List Your Blacklist Triggers

If you want to check what words or phrases you have set up blacklists for in your chat, you can issue this command:


Rose will then provide a list of the currently set blacklist triggers.