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While Rose has tons of commands, you might not want all of them available to your users. Leaving every command available may lead to a lot of spam and abuse of the bot, depending on how well-behaved your users are of course! This is where disables come in. With disables, you can literally disable certain commands from all your non-admin users.

Check Your Group's Current Disables

By default, Rose should not have any commands disabled, meaning that every command is available to use. However, like locked content types, if you're new to a group you might be curious about what commands are disabled. To check this, it's as simple as issuing the following command:


Rose will respond with a list of the commands which are disabled in your group chat.

Disableable Commands

Not every command available can be disabled. However, if you want to view a list of the commands which can be disabled, issue the below command:


For your convenience, the list is included below for your reference:

  • adminlist
  • fedinfo
  • filters
  • flood
  • id
  • info
  • kickme
  • locks
  • locktypes
  • notes
  • rules
  • runs
  • warnings
  • warns

Configuring Disabled Commands

Now that we have a list of commands we can disable, we can get our hands dirty and disable some commands!

Disabling A Command

Disabling a command is as simple as issuing the below command:

/disable <commandname>

Example Scenario

Let's say you want to prevent your users from kicking themselves from your group. To do this, you would issue the following command:

/disable kickme

Deleting Disabled Commands

When you disable a command, a user can still send the command in your chat. However, instead of responding, Rose will simply ignore the command. This is where deleting disabled commands come in. With this option, Rose will still ignored any disabled commands, but she will also delete any disabled commands sent be users.

To enable this setting, issue either of the below commands:

/disabledel on
/disabledel yes

To disable it, issue either of the below commands:

/disabledel off
/disabledel no

Enabling A Command

If you want to re-enable any command you've disabled, simply issue the following command:

/enable <commandname>

Example Scenario

If you wanted to re-enable the kickme command we used in the Disabling A Command scenario, you would issue the below command:

/enable kickme