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Creating Federations

Now that you have a better understanding of how federations work and what ways you can use them, it's time to learn the basics of using federations!

Creating A Federation

To create a federation, the first thing you'll need to do is open a PM session with Rose. Feds cannot be created (or deleted) from within a group, so there is no way around this. Once you're opened the PM session, issue the below command to Rose:

/newfed <fedname>

Example Scenario

If you wanted to create a fed named “My Community”, you would issue the following command:

/newfed My Community

After you create your federation, Rose will reply with a message advising you that your fed has been created, and will provide you with an ID. She'll also give you some instructions, which we'll go over in CHATS FED GUIDE LINK.

Renaming A Federation

If for any reason you wish to rename your fed, you would simply use the same /newfed command to change the name. If for example, you wanted to rename the “My Community” fed to “Extreme Gamers Official”, you would issue the below command:

/newfed Extreme Gamers Official

Instead of creating a new fed, the federation will be renamed.

Deleting A Federation

To delete your federation, simply issue the following command:


No arguments need to specified. Only federation owners can delete a federation, and since users can only own one federation, Rose will always know which federation you're referring to!