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Recommended Feds

The below is a list of federations which are run by trusted members of the Rose community. If you're looking for spammer protection, please feel free to join your chat to any of these feds, or subscribe your federation to them.

Fed Name Fed ID Description
Rose Support Official 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69 This fed is maintained by the Rose admin team and offers protection against spammers and abusive people
Kara's Disciplinary Circle 423680c6-9044-4a4b-92ba-b4e6a36aaec6 Former users of Symphonie de l'Amour/@KarafuruBot will love this fed. This fed is effectively the same as having @KarafuruBot's global bans, and is maintained by the same team. The fed offers protection from spammers and pirates
@SpamWatch 1c2221d9-aa27-4baf-b77c-8822b36254d2 This is a HUGE fed which offers protection against spammers, and is constantly being updated!