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Advanced Greeting Settings

In addition to having Rose greet and bid farewell to users with a message, there are also some more advanced greeting options. These options give you some extra control over what happens to users when they first join your group chat, as well as what actions Rose takes.

Cleaning Service Messages

When a user joins your group chat, even if you've disabled welcomes from Rose, Telegram itself still gives a service message showing that a user has joined or left the group.

These service messages look like this:

Enable Service Message Cleaning

You can have Rose delete these service message by issuing either of the following commands:

/cleanservice on
/cleanservice yes

Disable Service Message Cleaning

Conversely, if you want her to leave the service messages alone, you can issue either of the following commands:

/cleanservice off
/cleanservice no

Cleaning Welcome Messages

While it can be great to have Rose greet your users, if your group chat is very active, or you have many users joining per day, Rose's welcome messages can get out of hand. Imagine having to scroll up constantly just to see the real conversation, what a hassle! We can fix this by cleaning up Rose's welcome messages. With this setting, Rose will automatically delete her old welcome messages after she welcomes a new user into your group chat.

Enable Welcome Message Cleaning

You can enable this setting by issuing either of the following commands:

/cleanwelcome on
/cleanwelcome yes

Disable Welcome Message Cleaning

To disable this setting, issue either of the below commands:

/cleanwelcome off
/cleanwelcome no

Verifying New Users Are Human

Rose can use your greetings to help you fight spam bots that may attempt to join your group chat. This setting mutes all new users to your chat until they click on a button to unmute themselves. This can help prove they're not a bot!

Enabling Human Verification

To enable this setting, issue either of the below commands:

/welcomemute on
/welcomemute yes

Disabling Human Verification

If you want to disable it, issue either of the following commands:

/welcomemute off
/welcomemute no

Configuring Automatic Verification

What if a user just doesn't see the message or button? No problem at all! If a user still hasn't pressed the “unmute” button after a certain amount of time, you can have Rose automatically unmute them. This means they'll automatically be unmuted after this amount of time. To configure this, issue the below command:

/welcomemutetime <time>

The <time> argument can be set to any of the below:

Option Description
Xm Unmutes the user after X minutes
Xh Unmutes the user after X hours
Xd Unmutes the user after X days
Xw Unmutes the user after X weeks
Example Scenario

If you wanted to unmute a new user after 12 hours, you would issue the below command:

/welcomemutetime 12h

You can also have Rose never unmute a new user unless they click the verification button. To do this, issue the below command:

/welcomemutetime 0m

Customising The “Unmute” Button

Like all other greeting text, you can customise the text which is displayed on the unmute button. To set the displayed text, issue the below command, followed by the text you wish to be shown on the button:

/setmutetext <new button text>

By default, the text shown on the unmute button is “Click here to prove you're human”. If at any time you wish to reset your unmute button text to this default string, issue the below command: