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Telegram is known to have a large amount of spam, which large groups often struggle to deal with.

Rose was built to help these online communities fight against spammers. To make sure she integrates with Telegram as tightly as possible, without needing any fancy new Telegram apps, Rose hooks straight into Telegram's Bot API. This means that all you need to do to use Rose, is to add her to your group.

Who runs Rose?

Check out our about us page!

How old is Rose?

Rose was first released in August 2018.

How many people use Rose?

At time of writing (March 2024) Rose currently has:

  • 620 million total users
  • 14 million total groups
  • 58 million monthly active users
  • 1.7 million monthly active groups

Is Rose an official Telegram project?

No! Rose is not endorsed by Telegram in any way.

However, we would love to get her verified, so people know she's the real deal - so if anyone at Telegram is reading this, please reach out! :)

How do you make money?

Spam is a problem for everyone - therefore, Rose is not run for profit.

She is paid for by donations, or out of the creator's own pocket.

If you would like to help pay for Rose's server costs, please donate here!

How does the Rose handle user data?

Rose's privacy policy is available here.

Is Rose open source?

No, Rose is not open source. Previous experiences with open source on Telegram have been quite negative, so it was decided that Rose should remain closed source.

Additionally, we would love to provide private rose instances in the future; which leads us to our next point...

Can I run my own Rose?

We're looking to set up a service which would allow users to run their own private Rose instances, with lots of added customisations and features which cannot be added to Rose's free version for performance reasons.

This would be a paid service, and would help remove the need for donations on Rose's free version.

You can keep up to date on our other website.