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Joining Chats to Federations

After a federation has been created, it doesn't serve much purpose until it is linked to a group. Without being linked to a group, a federation is just a list of users; it doesn't actually do anything without a group to help it ban users.

Joining a Federation

In order for your group to reap the benefits of your federation's banlist, you must first join your chat to the fed. In the previous section, we learned how to get the Fed ID of a given federation. Now it's time to put this to use! To join your chat to a federation, issue the below command in the group chat you wish to join to the federation:

/joinfed <Fed ID>


If you wanted to join your chat to the "Rose Support Official" federation, you would issue the following command:

/joinfed 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69


You must be the owner/creator of a group chat in order to join it to a fed (or remove it from one). However, you may join/remove your chat to/from any fed you link, even if you are not the owner of the fed.

Leaving a Federation

If you no longer want your chat to be part of a federation, you can simply issue the following command in your group chat:


Quiet Feds

When a user joins a chat they're already fbanned in, Rose will ban them, and send a message explaining that user X is banned in fed Y, with reason XXX.

If you would like to stop this message, you can enable quietfeds. This is enabled on a per-chat basis.

/quietfed on

To re-enable notifications when a user joins and gets banned by a fedban, use:

/quietfed off