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Admins in Rose

Handling permissions

Rose respects Telegram's admin permissions to decide which users can do what. This means that she will map the Telegram permissions given to your admins, to decide how people can use her.

This has lots of benefits - primarily, your admins can't use Rose to escalate their own permissions!

Permission Actions
Change Group Info Change settings (setwelcome, setflood, addblocklist, etc)
Delete Messages Delete messages (del, purge, etc)
Ban Users Restricting users (ban, mute, kick, etc)
Pin Messages Pinning messages (pin, permapin, etc)
Add New Admins Controlling admins (promote, demote, etc)
Manage Topics Controlling topic actions (newtopic, renametopic, etc)

Assigning Admins

Adding An Admin

To add an admin, you simply need to issue the following command:

/promote <@username or ID>

You can also reply to any of the user's messages and issue the command without arguments, like shown below:



When promoting a user, Rose will only assign the permissions that both she and the caller has, minus the addAdmins permission. So if an admin with only changeInfo and addAdmins permissions were to promote a user, the user would only have the changeInfo permissions. This is to make sure that groups stay safe, and that new admins don't go on promote/demote sprees.

If you would like to customise the admins perms given to users, promote them via Telegram instead.

Removing An Admin

If you need to remove an admin from your group, it's just as simple as adding one. Just issue the below command:

/demote <@username or ID>

Like adding an admin, you can also reply to any of the admin's messages and issue the command without any arguments, like below:


Listing Group Admins

Rose can also provide a list of all your group's admins. To do this, issue the below command:



Remember, this command may also be used by regular users in your chat. This allows them to quickly see who your group's admins are in case they need to alert them of an issue.


To preserve anonymity, anonymous admins are not shown in this list.

Admin Errors

By default, Rose will throw an error when non-admins try to use admin commands. This is usually good for small groups, but can be spammy in larger groups.

To stop Rose's "You need to be admin to do this" messages, you can disable admin errors:

/adminerror off

To re-enable it, use:

/adminerror on

Anonymous Admins

Rose fully supports anonymous admins. By default, when an anonymous admin sends a command, Rose will ask them to "verify" themselves by pressing a button, which will allow her to check their admin permissions. This ensures that all anonymous admins are subjected to the same permission checks.

If you would like to stop Rose from checking permissions on anonymous admins, you can enable the anonymous admin setting. When enabled, Rose will assume that all admins have all permissions (except owner permissions!). This setting is not recommended.

/anonadmin on

You can disable it again like this:

/anonadmin off

Refreshing the admin cache

Rose maintains her own internal list of who is a Telegram admin in your group. This is refreshed periodically, and can usually be trusted to be up-to-date.

However, if you suspect something isn't working quite right, you can try to force-refresh Rose's admin cache. This can be done like this:



This should rarely be necessary!