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Connections allow you to modify your group settings from your private chat.

Who can connect to a group

Any chat member can connect to a group. However, only admins can change chat settings; same as if the commands were used in the group.

How to connect to a group

There are two ways of connecting to a new group:

  • Option 1: Send the /connect <id/@username> command to Rose, in your private chat (where the ID/username belong to your group).

    • If your group is public, you can just use the group username.
      • For example, to connect to the Rose Support Chat, use: /connect @RoseSupportChat
    • If your group is private, you'll have to get the ID first; this can be done by sending the /id command in your group.
      • For example, to connect to a group with ID -1001234, use: /connect -1001234
  • Option 2: Send the /connect command to the group. Rose will reply with a button, and pressing that button will connect your private chat to the group.


You can only connect to ONE group at a time. Connecting to another group will disconnect from the previous one.

Disconnecting from a group

You can disconnect from a group by simply using the /disconnect command.

How to see the current connection

Using the /connection command in your private chat with Rose can be used to see which chat you're currently connected to.

Alternatively, using the /id command when connected to a chat will also tell you what the connected chat ID is.

Reconnecting to a previous chat

If you're managing multiple chats, you may want to swap between connections quite often. Rose stores the last 5 connected chats in her memory; you can list them by simply sending /connect, with no arguments, in your private chat.

Alternatively, you can also use the /reconnect command.