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Even if you're in charge of multiple group chats, chances are that each of your groups have different rules. You can imagine trying to constantly have your admins explain your chat's rules to people could take a lot of work.

Not to worry, Rose has you covered! With Rose, users can request to view the rules anytime, making your life easier!

Viewing Rules

Any user in your group chat can request to view your group chat's rules by issuing the following command:


Setting Up Your Rules

Setting up your rules is incredibly easy! Simply issue the below command followed by the message you wish to be displayed to users when they request your chat's rules. This message also supports the use of formatting features!

/setrules <rules message>

How Rules Are Delivered

Depending on how many rules you have, and the size of the message, you might not want users requesting to view the rules and your group chat being clogged up with multiple giant messages showing the rules. Thankfully, if a user requests your chat's rules, Rose can deliver them via a PM, to keep your chat nice and clean.

You can enable this setting by issuing either of the following commands (this setting is enabled by default):

/privaterules on

To disable this option, and have Rose send the rules directly to the group chat, issue either of the below commands:

/privaterules off

Removing Your Rules

If for any reason, you no longer wish to have users be able to request your group chat's rules from Rose, you can issue the below command to remove your chat's rules:


Using the Rules button

You can use the {rules} filling to add a link to your group's rules in Rose's messages. This could be useful for your welcome message, a note, a filter, etc.

To customise the name of that button, you can use the following command:

/setrulesbutton <button>

Similarly, you can reset that button to the default value with: