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Command Usage

Where to use commands

The simplest place to use commands is to use them in the group that you want the setting to apply to.

Once you've gotten familiar with Rose, you can then start using connections, which allows you to change group settings from your private chat with Rose instead of the group.

On/Off Commands

Many of the commands will be used turn on, or turn off, various features. For the sake of simplicity and readability, we won't list all the boolean options every time. However, we just want to avoid any confusion by explaining that each of these options is supported, to avoid any possible future confusion. Enjoy!

Enable Disable
on off
yes no
true false


Enabling welcomes can be done with the following commands; each is identical to the others:

  • /welcome on
  • /welcome yes
  • /welcome true

Similarly, you can disable them with:

  • /welcome off
  • /welcome no
  • /welcome false

Time Based Commands

Certain commands take in time durations as variables. For example, temporary bans (tban) or temporary mutes (tmute).

To handle these, Rose has a consistent way of defining time durations, explained here:

Option Description
Xm Bans the user for X minutes
Xh Bans the user for X hours
Xd Bans the user for X days
Xw Bans the user for X weeks


To ban a user for 3 days, you would use:

/tban 3d

Similarly, to set the blocklistmode to a 5d mute, you would use

/blocklistmode tmute 5d