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Importing/Exporting settings

Some people just want to watch the world burn spam chats. Others just want a way of backing up their chat data, so they can copy their configuration to other chats.

If you're in the second category, you're in luck - Rose does this too!

Rose allows you to import and export your chat settings, so you can quickly set up other chats using a preexisting template. Instead of setting the same settings over and over again in different chats, you can use this feature to copy the general configuration across groups. The export file is in standard JSON format, so if there are any settings you don't want to import to your other chats, just open the file and edit it before importing. Exporting settings can be done by any administrator, but for security reasons, importing can only be done by the group creator.


To avoid abuse, these commands are heavily rate limited. You may have to wait between repeated uses.

Exporting chat data

You can export your chat's data by using the following command:


Rose will then go through all of your settings and collect them into a single export file.

If you only want to export individual modules, you can specify them in your command:

/export <modules>


To export only your notes and filters, you would run:

/export notes filters

Importing settings

To import your chat settings, you would reply to an export file with the following command:


Similarly to exports, you choose to only import a subset of settings by specifying which modules to import. You can see which modules are available in the file by opening it.

/import <modules>


To import only the rules and blocklists settings, you would run:

/import rules blocklists


For security reasons, only the group creator can import settings.

Resetting your group to default settings

You may also want to start afresh, with all the default settings. This can be done with the following command:


As this is a dangerous command, Rose will ask you to confirm that you really want to reset your group before deleting everything.


This cannot be undone!


For security reasons, only the group creator can reset a group's settings.