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User Federation Commands

This section will cover some of the federation commands/options that are available to all users, and not just federation admins or owners.

Viewing Your Own Fedbans

If you are curious about what federations you have been banned from, you can issue the below command:


Rose will reply with a message showing you the federation's FedID, along with the name of the federation.

Viewing Your Fedban Reason

You can also view the reason for your fedban, and the date of the fedban, bue issuing the following command:

/fbanstat <FedID>

Rose will provide you with reason the fed admin provided when they banned you, along with the date you were banned.


If you were banned from the "Rose Support Official" federation (let's hope not), and wanted to see why, you would issue the below command:

/fbanstat 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69

Viewing Other Users’ Fedbans

If you would like to view what federations any other user is banned from, you can issue the following command:

/fedstat <@username or UserID>

Like other user actions, you can also reply to any message from the user with the below command:


Viewing Other Users’ Fedban Reasons

Like viewing your own fedban reasons, you can also find out the reason a user was banned from another federation. To do this, issue the below command:

/fedstat <@username or UserID> <FedID>

You can also reply to any of the user's messages with the following command:

/fedstat <FedID>


Let's say you have a user who seems a bit suspicious, and you notice they've been fedbanned in a few other feds. If you wanted to see why they were fedbanned from one of the feds, you could issue the following command to find out:

/fedstat @JohnSmith 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69

If you wanted to do this by replying to one of their messages, you would issue the below command:

/fedstat 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69