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Silent Actions

Rose's automated actions (antiflood, locks, blocklists, etc) typically send a message into the group whenever they are triggered. This lets admins (and other users) know that the offending user has been banned/muted etc.

However, in some cases, you might want Rose to silently ban the offending user! You can do this by using silent actions.


To ensure that admins are aware of Rose's actions, a log channel is required to enable silent actions. If you unset your log channel, or disable silent actions, all existing actions will return to being loud.

See the docs on log channels for information on how to create one.

Available silent actions

The following silent actions are available:

  • sban
  • skick
  • smute
  • swarn

If you would like to apply timed actions, you can do so by using the appropriate time syntax - eg. sban 2d for a 2-day silent ban.

Enabling silent actions

Enabling silent actions can only be done by the group owner:

/silentactions on

Once you've enabled silent actions, you'll need to explicitly re-enable the settings that you would like to use silent actions. Examples on how to do this are provided below. This is to avoid admins accidentally turning all actions silent, which could have serious risks for your chat; an admin silently locking text could ban anyone that speaks, silently!

You can then disable silent actions with:

/silentactions off


This will turn all the existing silent actions (sban/smute/skick etc) into regular actions; eg, sban would become a regular ban.

Example usages

  • Silently ban anonymous channels using locks:

/lock anonchannel ### This chat is for users only {sban}

  • Using silent actions in blocklists:

/addblocklist "yarrr" We dont want any pirates here! {skick}

  • Using temporary silent actions by adding a time value:

/addblocklist "fight club" We dont talk about fight club! {smute 12h}

  • Using temporary silent actions in antiflood:

/setfloodmode sban 1h