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Before you start

Using Rose can help you leverage some really cool and powerful administration functions in your group chats. That being said, in order to properly configure her and have the smoothest experience possible, there are some basic commands that you should familiarise yourself with. Mastering these commands is essential be being able to properly use Rose to her full potential.

The guides in this section will show you how to properly use these commands.

A Note About Usernames

As you read through this user guide, you will notice that there are several commands that accept a user’s Telegram ID or their username as an argument for the command. However, if you don’t have the username or ID, you can reply to their message instead.

When you reply to a user’s message, you do not have to include the username or ID in your command; Rose will know that you are performing the command on the user whose message you’ve replied to. This can also be convenient when you need to quickly perform an action on a user.