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Message formatting

To help you make your messages more expressive, Rose has a wide range of formatting options available. When paired together, all these options can be combined to create clear and expressive messages for your users to interact with!

Markdown syntax

Example Result
`code` code
_italics_ italics
*bold* bold
~strikethrough~ strikethrough
__underline__ underline
||spoiler|| (hidden "spoiler" text) -> see telegram announcement
>quote (a telegram quote saying "quote") -> see telegram announcement
>first line
>second line
(a telegram quote spanning multiple lines, saying "first line" and "second line")
>hidden fourth||
(a multiline, collapsible telegram quote saying "first", "second", "third", "hidden fourth") -> see telegram announcement.
Note: Pay attention to the closing ||, which are what makes the quote "expandable".
[hyperlink]( hyperlink
[name](buttonurl:// (Telegram button called "name" for
[name](buttonurl:// (Telegram button called "name" for, on the same line as the previous button)
[name](buttonurl://#example) (Telegram button called "name" which opens a note called "example")


Telegram allows bots to create "buttons". These show up underneath a message; an example is shown below:


Button generator

If you don't want to use the Markdown syntax defined above, you can also use our button generator.

Making Button Menus

You can use combinations of notes and button notes to create button menus which work in PM.

This allows users to jump from one note to the other in PM. You can set up a basic button menu as such:

/save main (this is a temporary page)

/save page1 This is page 1 [back](buttonurl://#main)

/save page2 This is page 2 [back](buttonurl://#main)

/save main This is the main page! press the buttons below to open sub pages. [page 1](buttonurl://#page1) [page 2](buttonurl://#page2:same)


Filling Description Examples (For "John Smith", ID 1234, username @john)
{first} User's first name John
{last} User's last name Smith
{fullname} User's full name John Smith
{username} The user's username (If none is available, Rose will revert to using @john
{mention} @mentions the user, using their first name
{id} The user's ID 1234
{chatname} The name of the group chat
{rules} Create a button to your group chat's rules
{preview} Enables link previews for Rose's message. Useful when using links to Instant View pages.
{nonotif} Disables the notification for Rose's message
{protect} Stops Rose's message from being forwarded, or screenshotted.
{mediaspoiler} Marks the media in Rose's message (eg photo/video/animation) as being a spoiler.

Random Contents

Some custom messages (for example notes, filters, welcomes) can also be randomised - this allows you to make Rose seem a little bit more human.

This can be done by using the %%% characters.

For example:

Hey there {first}! How are you?
G'Day my dear {fullname}, what brings you here √łn this fine morning?
Sup {last}?
Congratulations, you've won the welcome lotery - press the button below for your prize!