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Banning, Muting, or Kicking users

One of the biggest headaches of running a group chat is performing administrative actions on users. Having to go into the group's settings, finding the user, restricting their permissions or banning them. It can be a real chore. But with Rose, it's as simple as a few commands!

Bans, mutes, and kicks

Rose is able to ban, mute, or kick users with single, short commands - allowing you to react fast to any situation.

The supported commands are listed here:

Action Command Timed Action Delete + action Silent action Undo the action
ban /ban /tban /dban /sban /unban
mute /mute /tmute /dmute /smute /unmute
kick /kick /dkick /skick

These include three categories of commands:

  • bans: Bans remove a user, and stop them from rejoining the group. If using a timed ban, they'll be able to rejoin after the ban expires.
  • mute: Mutes stop a user from sending any messages in the group, so they're only able to read messages. If using a timed mute, they'll be able to speak again after the mute expires.
  • kick: Kicks just remove the user from the group - but they'll be able to rejoin whenever they want. These aren't very effective at fighting spam, but they can be useful as a non-serious warning.


Each command has the same usage structure - so for the purpose of avoiding repetition, we'll only go into detail for bans.

Permanently banning a user

Also use: /ban, /mute, /kick

To ban a user, use the following command:

/ban <id/username/reply> <reason>


To ban a user with id 1234, you would use:

/ban 1234

If you wanted to specify a reason for the ban (which will be shown in your log channel), you would use:

/ban 1234 Some reason

If you were banning a user by reply, you can simply specify the reason straight away:

/ban Some reason

Temporarily banning a user

Also use: /tban, /tmute (No kick option)

The command to temporarily ban a user is very similar, but also includes the time to ban the user for.

/tban <id/username/reply> <time> <reason>

The time format is described as such:

Option Description
Xm Bans the user for X minutes
Xh Bans the user for X hours
Xd Bans the user for X days
Xw Bans the user for X weeks


To ban a user with id 1234 for 3 days, and with reason "time to cool off", you would use:

/tban 1234 3d time to cool off

Deleting the message + Banning a User

Also use: /dban, /dmute, /dkick

Rose provides some handy shortcuts to delete a user's message + ban them. This is the /dban command. It can only be used as a reply; as otherwise, it wouldn't know which message to delete!

/dban <reason>


To delete a user's message + ban them, reply to their message with the following command:

/dban spamming the chat

Silently Banning a User

Also use: /sban, /smute, /skick

Rose also has the concept of silent bans; this will:

  • Delete the replied message (if a reply)
  • Ban the user
  • Delete the command message
  • Stop Rose from sending an "X was banned" message

Similarly to the other commands, it is used like so:

/sban <id/username/reply> <reason>

Unbanning or Unmuting a user

You can unban or unmute a user by using the following commands

/unban <id/username/reply>
/unmute <id/username/reply>