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Federation Bans

Now that you've gotten your federation created, you'll want to know how to ban users from your federation, and how you can add more admins to your federation if you need to.


Remember, your group admins are not the same a federation's admin. If your group is part of a federation, any of the federation's admins can issue the /fban command from within your group's chat, even if they're not an admin of the group itself. This is by design, so ensure that if you are joining your chat to a federation that you assign only the most trustworthy users to be admins (or if you're using a federation that you aren't the owner of, that you truly trust the admins of the federation).

Banning Users From Federations

Banning a user from a federation is very similar to issuing a regular ban in a group. There two methods you can use to ban from a federation. They both use the exact same syntax. To perform a federation ban, issue the below command:

/fban <@username or UserID>

Like other commands you can perform on users, you can issue the ban by replying directly to the user's message with the below command:


When you issue a fedban within a group chat, you must be an admin of the federation which the group chat is joined to. If you aren't an admin for that federation, you will not be able to perform a fedban.


If you issue a fedban from inside a PM session with Rose, the ban will be applied to the federation which you are the owner of. This applies even if you've connected to a chat with the /connect command, so if you're using the command in a PM session with Rose, make sure to remember this! (Also applies to unbans)


If you've been promoted to fed admin, you may want to set up a "fedban group" where you and your fed admins can all fban in your fed. This allows you and your admins to fban without needing to be noisy in any public groups!

Unbanning Users From Federations

To unban a user from a federation, simply issue the below command:

/unfban <@username or UserID>

Like fedbans, you can also reply to a user's message with the below command:


How are Fedbans applied?

Federation bans are applied in two different ways: active, and passive.

Active fedbans happen when a fedadmin uses the fban command on a user. When this happens, Rose does the following:

  • Add the user to the ban list for that fed
  • Get the list of all groups that use the fed, and check if the user has been seen in those chats.
  • If the user has any chats in common with the fed, the user gets banned immediately. (for performance reasons, Rose does not post or log active fbans)
  • For other chats, they fban will be passive

Once the initial fban command has happened, fbans then become passive. This means that every time a user is seen in a group (Joining, speaking, etc), Rose will check the current fed's (and subfeds) ban list to see if the user is banned. If yes, the user gets removed from the group. This is when Rose will send the "X is banned in fed Y, so has been banned" message, which can be toggled with the quietfed setting.