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Blocklist Modes

Now that you've set up some blocklists, you'll want to configure what happens to a user if they send a message containing a blocklist word or phrase. There are multiple options available, but the default is to simply delete the message.

Action Description
nothing Default mode - simply delete the message.
warn Warn the user. See warnings.
kick Kick the user. They can rejoin if they need to.
ban Ban the user. They won't be able to rejoin until unbanned.
tban TIME Temporarily ban the user for TIME duration.
mute Mute the user. They won't be able to speak until unmuted.
tmute TIME Temporarily mute the user for TIME duration.

You may notice that the above mentions TIME variables. These are described below:

Option Description
Xm Bans the user for X minutes
Xh Bans the user for X hours
Xd Bans the user for X days
Xw Bans the user for X weeks

Changing modes

Simple Delete

Rose's default blocklist mode is nothing; that is, just to delete the message and move on, without doing anything else.

You can set it again with this command: /blocklistmode nothing

Delete + Action

You can also configure Rose to act on the user once the message has been deleted. The supported actions are shown in the table above.

To set a new mode, use the following command:

/blocklistmode <action>


To set Rose to kick any user that triggers the blocklist, you can could set the blocklistmode to kick.

/blocklistmode kick

Or, to temporarily mute a user for 3 hours, you would use:

/blocklistmode tmute 3h

Disabling blocklist deletes

You can stop Rose from deleting blocklisted messages by using the following command:

/blocklistdelete off

And re-enable it with:

/blocklistdelete on