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Sometimes, a user might be trusted enough not to send unwanted content, and so you want to avoid them getting punished by Rose for it. One option (and usually the recommended one!) would often be to promote a user to admin, without giving them any other permissions. This would avoid them getting hit by antiflood, blocklists, or locks.

Or, alternatively, you could approve them! This would render them immune from all of Rose's automated actions, while keeping them active for the unapproved users.

Approving a user

Approving a user can be done with the usual user targeting syntax of using the id, username, or simply replying.

/approve <id/username/reply> <optional reason>


Here is how you would approve a user with ID 1234, with the reason "testing".

/approve 1234 testing

Checking a user's approval status

To check if a user is approved, you can reply to them with the approval command. This will tell you if a user is approved.

If a reason for the approval was specified, this will also show that.

/approval <id/username/reply>

Listing approved users

You can get the full list of approved users in a group by using the approved command.



If you have many approved users, Rose may send that list as a file instead of a message - this makes it easier to read and search through.

Unapproving a user

Unapproving a user uses the same syntax as approvals, but with the unnapprove command instead.

/unapprove <id/username/reply>

Unapproving all users (owner only)

In the situation where you are looking to remove all your approvals, you can opt to use the unapproveall command to clear all your approved users. As this is potentially quite dangerous, this can only be used by the group's owner.