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Some spammers on Telegram will "raid" groups with hundreds (or thousands!) of users, in attempts to fill the group with spam and ruin the community. In some cases, this may be to try and force the chat owner to turn a public group private, leaving enough time for the spammers to steal the username. Telegram doesn't provide any protections against this; but luckily for you, Rose does!

The antiraid module allows you to temporarily ban users that are spam joining your chat, even when it is public. All new joins will be temporarily banned for the next few hours, allowing you to wait out the spam attack until it stops.

Configuring AntiRaid

Configuring the AntiRaid duration

The first thing to do is to decide how long you would like your AntiRaid protections to remain enabled for. By default, AntiRaid lasts for 6 hours, but you can disable it manually at any time. You can also configure this duration with the /raidtime command.

/raidtime <time>


Say you want your raid time to last 6 hours. You would use the following:

/raidtime 6h

Configuring the time to ban for

To avoid banning innocent users, antiraid will only temporarily ban users during a raid. By default, Rose will ban them for 1 hour. This can be configured with the following command:

/raidactiontime <time>


Say you want raid users to banned for 3 hours. You would use the following:

/raidactiontime 3h

Manually enabling AntiRaid

You can enable antiraid with the following options:

  • /antiraid: Rose will then reply with the current state of antiraid, and an option to enable it. If you choose to enable it, antiraid will be enabled for your chat for the duration specified by your raidtime setting.
  • /antiraid on: Rose will immediately enable antiraid for the duration specified by your raidtime setting.
  • /antiraid 3h: Rose will immediately enable antiraid, for your specified custom duration.

Manually disabling antiraid

You can disable antiraid immediately by using the following command:

/antiraid off

Automatically enabling AntiRaid during raids

Of course, you might not always be online when a raid happens; spammers don't check your sleep schedule! If all your admins are asleep, you can choose to automatically enable antiraid with the autoantiraid option.

/autoantiraid <number/off/no>

Enabling autoantiraid


You want antiraid to get automatially enabled if more than 10 users join your chat in less than a minute. You can do this with:

/autoantiraid 10

Disabling Automatic AntiRaid

You can disable autoantiraid with the following command:

/autoantiraid off