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Pinned Messages

It's pretty easy to pin a message in a group using Telegram's built-in functions, but for many of us, it's easier to just type it. As per usual, that's where Rose comes in!

Pinning Messages

There are three ways to pin a message: standard pins, "loud" pins, and permapins. These are all explained below!

Standard Pins

The first method is if you want to pin a message that's already been sent to the chat. To do this, simply reply to the message with the following command:


Notify Pins (aka "Loud" Pins)

You can also do a "loud" pin. Normally, pinning a message simply pins the message, and acts like a normal message. When doing a "loud" pin, Rose will send a pin notification to all users in your group chat.

To do a "loud" pin, reply to the message with either of the following commands:

/pin loud


We recommend that you use this feature only for the most important of announcements. Remember that with "loud" pins, even if a user has muted notifications from your group, the "loud" pin will override this, and they'll receive a notification anyway. This can become very annoying for your users very quickly, so use it wisely!


If you want to pin a message that doesn't already exist in the chat, you can use the permapin command. With this command, you can type the message you want pinned, and Rose will say it for you and then pin the message.

To use the permapin command, simply issue the below command:

/permapin <message>

Permapins also support all of Rose's formatting options.

Unpinning messages

You can unpin the latest message using the following command:


Alternatively, if you have multiple messages pinned, you can reply to a specific (pinned) message to unpin it.

Unpinning ALL messages

You can unpin ALL the pinned messages using the following command:


Linked channel pins

When linking a channel to your group, all posts in the channel will get pinned by Telegram. However, this might not be what everyone wants; that's where the antichannelpin command comes in!

You set Rose to unpin the channel messages by using:

/antichannelpin on

And you can disable it again with:

/antichannelpin off

Deleting posts from the linked channel

Or maybe you want to delete the linked channel posts completely. This will stop users from being able to comment on them, while still keeping the two groups linked.

You set Rose to delete all messages from the linked channel by using:

/cleanlinked on

And you can disable it again with:

/cleanlinked off