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Managing Your Federation

As a federation owner, you have several options available to you to manage your federation. This page of the guide will walk you through these options. All the options listed on this page are only available to federation owners.

Federation Admins

One of the most important tasks you'll do as a federation owner is manage your admins. Unlike in a Telegram group, only the federation owner can assign new admins, which means anyone you assign as an admin will not be able to add new admins on your behalf.

Adding Federation Admins

To add an admin to your federation, you can issue the below command:

/fedpromote <@username or UserID>

You can also reply to any of the user's messages and issue the command without arguments, like shown below:


Removing Federation Admins

To remove an admin from your federation, issue the following command:

/feddemote <@username or UserID>

Like adding an admin, you can also reply to any of the admin's messages and issue the command without any arguments, like below:


Self-demoting from a Fed

As a fed admin, you are able to demote yourself at any time. You may want to do this if you disagree with how a fed is working, or if you simply don't want to be admin anymore.

You can do this with the following command:

/feddemoteme <fedID>

Enforcing fed reasons

You can force your fed admins to be accountable for their actions by enabling fed reasons - this will reject any fedban that doesn't have a reason associated. You'll still need to check the reasons make sense, but at least it's a first step. This can be good to pair with a public federation log.

/fedreasons <on/off>

Federation Notifications

Whenever a federation action occurs (such as a ban or unban), Rose will notify the federation owner via PM. This allows you to keep track of what your fed admins are doing.

Enable Federation Notifications

To enable federation notifications (already enabled by default), issue either of the below commands:

/fednotif on


This is the default setting for federations. If you have not already previously disabled notifications you do not need to do anything to enable them.

Disable Federation Notificatons

If you do not want to disable federation notifications, issue either of the following commands:

/fednotif off


Please be aware that if you have enabled federation logs, this will only disable notifications to the federation owner. Rose will still continue to log all actions in the chat you've federation log. If you do not have a federation log setup, then this option will completely disable federation notifications for you.

Federation Logging

This feature is similar to federation notifications, except that you can use this feature to log your federation actions to one of your group chats or a channel, instead of via PM. This works similarly to the ADMIN LOGGING feature from the BASICS section, except that this log tracks federation admin actions only.

Enable Federation Logging

To enable federation logging, simply issue the below command in the group chat or channel where you want the logged actions to be sent:


The group chat or channel will then be sent any actions performed in the federation.


While /setfedlog works fine in groups, if you are trying to set the fed log to a channel, you will need to provide the federation ID like below this: /setfedlog <FedID>. Once you do this, Rose will reply with a button advising you that you need to confirm you are the fed owner by clicking the button. Once you click the button your federation will begin logging actions to the channel.

This exception also applies to disabling federation logging as well.

Disable Federation Logging

If you no longer want to log your federation's actions, you can send a PM to Rose with the below command:


Your federation's actions will no longer be logged to a group chat or channel.

Federation Ban Lists

Rose provides you with some options to view/export your federation's banlist to make a personal backup, as well as importing a banlist from another federation into yours.

Viewing/Exporting Your Federation's Ban List

Federation owners can view the list of all the banned users in their federation, by issuing the following command:


Rose will then reply with a document containing the list of fed banned users. If you wish to output the document in a specific format, you can issue the command with the arguments below:

/fbanlist <format>

Supported formats are: csv, minicsv, json

CSV and JSON file formats are exactly what their name implies. You can search Google for more information on CSV and JSON files, as they are well-known data standards. MiniCSV contains only minimal information about the bans.


You may only perform a federation banlist related function once every 30 minutes.

Importing Bans From A Ban List File

If you want to import bans into your federation from a ban list file, will first need to send Rose a message with your ban list attached as either a .csv or .json file. You will then need to reply to the message with the following command:


Rose will then process the document, and if there are no errors, she will import the bans in your banlist file. Please be aware of the below formatting requirements for importing bans:

  • CSV Files - The first row of your CSV should be the CSV header. This should denote the "id" and "reason" columns; eg, id, reason. Other fields are optional. An example is provided below:
1234,John,Smith,,"Not a real doctor"
5678,Jane,,abc,"Some reason"
  • JSON Files - For JSON files, you must specify at least a user_id.
{"user_id":1234,"first_name":"John","last_name":"Smith","user_name":"","reason":"Not a real doctor"}
{"user_id":5678,"first_name":"Jane","last_name":"","user_name":"abc","reason":"Some reason"}


Rose's fedban list are technically NDJSON/JSONL; newline delimited JSON objects. This allows for line-by-line streaming, rather than importing the entire thing at once.

Federation Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow your federation to "subscribe" to another fed's banlist. Let's look at a potential scenario:

  • Your fed currently has 3 chats joined to it
  • You want your chats to continue being part of your fed, but you also want to use the bans that have been performed in the "Rose Support Official" fed

By using subscriptions, you can subscribe your fed to the "Rose Support Official" fed, and Rose will ban any users in your chats that have been banned from the "Rose Support Official" federation.

Subscribing To A Federation

To subscribe your federation to another federation, issue the below command:

/subfed <FedID>


If you wanted to subscribe your fed to the "Rose Support Official" fed, you would issue the following command:

/subfed 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69


Subscribing to a federation will not change your federation's existing ban list. What will happen is that if any users join or have joined your chat, and are also banned from any of your subscribed feds, Rose will ban those users from every chat that is joined to your federation


To may subscribe your fed to a maximum of 5 other feds.

Unsubscribing From A Federation

There are times you may wish to longer enforce bans from a subscribed federation, or maybe you've reached the 5 federation limit for subscriptions and need to remove a subscribed fed in order to subscribe to a new one. To do this, issue the below command:

/unsubfed <FedID>


If you wanted to unsubscribe your fed from the "Rose Support Official" fed, you would issue the following command:

/unsubfed 86718661-6bfc-4bd0-9447-7c419eb08e69


When unsubscribing your federation from another one, please be aware that any users that were banned due to the federation subscription will not automatically get unbanned from your federation's chats. If you wish to unban any of these users, you will need to manually unban them.

Viewing Your Federation's Subscriptions

If at any time you wish to see which federations your federation is currently subscribed to, you can issue the below command: