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Cleaning Commands

Every time someone uses a command in the group, it stays there - making it possible for people to accidentally tap the command and re-send it. This can be frustrating, and lead to unwanted spam.

To stop this, Rose introduces the Clean Command module; this allows you to configure Rose to delete certain commands that get sent to your group - regardless of who sends them. Rose will still respond to the command, and handle it as expected, but will delete it once handled.


If you want to completely stop users from using any commands, you might want lock commands instead. Check out the help on locks for more information!


If you're tired of seeing "You need to be admin to do this" error messages when users are sending admin commands in your group, you can toggle the adminerror setting to stop those messages. See the help on admins for more information!

Enabling cleancommand

If you simply want Rose to delete all command messages, you can enable cleancommand using the following command:

/cleancommand all

Disabling cleancommand

On the other hand, to disable cleancommand, you can use:

/keepcommand all

Advanced cleancommand customisations

If you're looking to delete a specific type of command message but not others, you can also specify the individual command types to be deleted. This can be done by using the types defined in the table below.

Command types

Similarly to Locks or Clean Service, there are different options which can be used:

Command Type Description
all All command messages.
admin Will delete all admin commands, such as /ban, /mute, /setwelcome, etc.
user will delete all user commands, such as /get, /id, /info, etc.
other will delete any commands that Rose doesn't recognise; eg filters, or commands for other bots.

The above list can also be obtained using the following command:


Customising which messages to clean

You can specify individual types to delete using the following command:

/cleancommand <type>

On the other hand, if you want to stop deleting a specific command type, use:

/keepcommand <type>


If you want to delete all admin and user commands, but leave commands intended for other bots, you would use:

/cleancommand join leave pin